Entry point

Welcome to ‘technical experiments’!

End of may, 2012 I discovered a need to publically document some of my it project’s I did in my spare time. Some of those projects had to do with things I could not go into more deeply during work.
The reason for me to start a blog was, to have place, a dump, where I could post snippets of code and other things, that would otherwise be stored to a word document on my hard disk oder even on google drive, where it could collect dust and rust and be of limited use only.
The motivation to do so are many helpful articles out there on the net, that I appreciate. I am trying to contribute to that community by blogging here, too.
Some things are common problems, some are very special. In case a problem comes up again, I may not be able to retrieve the same search result again some years later. So I am going to preserve that junk of information here.
My interests are especially 
  • Linux
    • and especially debian, ubuntu,
    • OpenWRT, DD-WRT, Gargolye et cetera
  • Networking in general
    • with the cheapest tunable components available, if possible (cheap SoC-Routers, VLAN, …)
    • WiFi for Home and SoHo use
    • WiFi in directional applications (Wireless mesh network principles)
    • (Mesh) Routing protocols
    • stable use of 2G/3G/4G for connected home (in a ‘home improvement’ way, …;-)
  • Hosting
    • all kinds of network services.
  • some more
It’s likely that I am going to post some of my leisure works’ outcome here.
Hopefully someone in the  community out there can make use of it.

So here we go… welcome to my way of wasting time…