IEEE 802.11ac – first devices

According to an article on, dated 4th June 2012, Asus demonstrated their first router which complies to IEEE 802.11ac – also referred to as ‘gigabit wlan’ [- edit: which may be a misleading term in some cases]: the ‘RT-AC660U‘.

The same magazine performed tests on a set of Buffalo devices: Router WZR-D1800HClient WLI-H4-D1300. These are interesting aspects, despite the standard 802.11ac has not yet been released. So consider, that these devices can only be compliant to the actual draft version. Unfortunately no information about support of OpenWRT is known at this time.

Edit: June 8, 2012:
Even more devices have been announced today, so this post will be edited continuously to reflect new development:


WZR-D1800H (Router)
WLI-H4-D1300 (Client)

BR-6673AC (Router)
BR-6476AC (Router)

TEW-812DR (Router)
TEW-800MB (Bridge)

Remarks and caveats: Some of the announced devices seem to be hybrid developments. E.g.: There are 802.11ac devices, that only use 2 MIMO streams. As a result only around 800Mbit can be achieved. Other devices, especially some usb sticks donĀ“t use their full potential, if they do not support USB 3.0, but rather USB 2.0.
The effective data rate will never exceed the nominal 480Mbit in that case.

I will try to make a list containing Manufacturer, Chipset, interfaces and, where applicable, ram, cpu and flash size. Unfortunately most manufacturers still don’t print that necessary information on their boxes or ever data sheets.

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