List of vouchers

If you are looking for cheap quality hosting (webhosting, VPS, rootserver, storage servers, domains, Plesk Onyx licenses, and even managed servers and colocation in Germany, you’ll probably like to have a look at netcup. Netcup is an austro-german company (see Anexia).

You can get your free voucher for various of their product at our sister site or at You may choose in between a voucher of 5 Euro in value for new customers (domains excluded) or a permanent discount of up to 30% on netcup products. Just follow the link or copy the coupon’s code/voucher’s code an enter it at netcup’s webshop.

BTW: If you decided for more than one root server (RS), virtual private server (VPS) or a Storage Server, the following hint may come in quite handy: Did you know, netcup now offers a free 100Mbit/s cloud VLAN for the purpose of interconnecting your various root servers, virtual privates servers and storage servers? Look here for Cloud vLAN Free.

Here are vouchers for some their other products – one time use only – if all of the vouchers are depleted, just leave a comment. I’ll refill them ASAP.